6ft New Woodland Christmas Tree
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6ft New Woodland Christmas Tree
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Prince Albert started it all: the British tradition of decorating fir trees at Christmas time. In 1840 he married Victoria – well, strictly speaking she married him. Victoria was the queen, Albert a minor German prince and protocol had to be observed. But anyway, on their first Christmas together they had three huge trees in Buckingham Palace and several more at Windsor. The Illustrated London News ran a feature on the new 'Christmas trees' and they became a festive 'must-have'. Some people called it a 'craze', but crazes come and go. Now, 176 years later, Christmas trees are more popular than ever. Which is why our new Woodland Tree looks set to take the nation's living rooms and halls by storm. Richer, fuller, more luxurious - it's astonishingly lifelike, with painstaking attention to detail right down to the individual (non-dropping) needles. Perfectly shaped, and so fresh and green visitors will think it's just been cut - all it needs are a few drops of our pine tree scent for the final finishing touch. We'd like to think Prince Albert would have approved. And when she was told it wasn't actually real, perhaps even Victoria would have been amused.

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