Artificial 7ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
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Artificial 7ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree
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Brand Bloom
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Christmas is a lovely time of year - and also a busy one. There are menus to plan, cards to be written, last minute shopping to do, mince pies to bake...the list goes on and on. Never mind, it'll all be worth it and anyway there's the Christmas tree to decorate. And that's a nice, relaxing family tradition. Except when it comes to the lights. No matter how carefully you put them away on twelfth night, by the following December they've mysteriously tangled themselves into a spaghetti-like bundle. One that takes ages to untangle and puts a strain on the most generous festive spirit. Which is why our pre-lit tree is such a welcome idea. Those tiny, brilliant LED lights are already in position - elegant and stylish. So all you have to do is plug it in, switch on and say 'Ahh!' As for the tree, it's so wonderfully lifelike, so fresh and green, your guests will be convinced it was cut that morning. And that you spent the remaining hours artfully arranging the lights. How do you find the time? But then that's the thing about Christmas - it's a time of mystery and enchantment.

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