Corydalis 'Blue Line' 9cm
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Corydalis 'Blue Line' 9cm
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Corydalis is a very under-used and little grown classic perennial, and this new twist gives much bigger flowers, much longer lasting displays for up to 5 Months - and much improved garden performance. 'Blue Line' was bred in France, and just released in the UK garden market, and is a much taller, and more robust Corydalis than smaller corm-raised varieties. Producing tall, slender stems of metallic blue flowers from May to October, they look great in modern pots and planters, yet blend effortlessly into mixed perennial borders and more traditional plantings, before retreating underground for Winter. Reliably very hardy and robust, it will re-appear the following Spring bigger and better. The result of a hybrid of two Corydalis species, it really is a great new perennial, and new to the UK market too - a great new plant for our Club Members to get ahead with.

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