Blackcurrant "Ben Lomond" potted 3L
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Blackcurrant "Ben Lomond" potted 3L
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Bursting with flavour and Vitamin C, the large glossy black fruit of Ben Lomond cover the branches of this completely new type of blackcurrant in mid-summer. Unlike most others, which require a lot of space to grow, this compact beauty only ever grows to 3ft (1m) making it perfect for the smallest of gardens grow it in a border, a large pot or even plant several to make a fruiting hedge. Really easy to grow, Ben Lomond will thrive in a sunny, sheltered spot out of strong winds and prefers well-drained soil (or compost). Plants are as tough as old boots and have flowers that are resistant to frost. All you need to do to ensure a bumper crop is feed them well with blood, fish and bone in mid-spring, followed by a dose of poultry manure or another high nitrogen plant food, in June.

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