Polianthes 'Yellow Baby' 3 pack
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Polianthes 'Yellow Baby' 3 pack
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Tuberose have long been a highly prized and popular flower for amazing fragrance - the essential oil is used as a base for many perfumes and is still often unsurpassed. But until now, UK gardeners have only been able to grow the white species or hybrids. Thanks to plant breeding students in Taiwan, over 10 years new colours have been developed, and just released this Spring 2014. The first of these is called 'Yellow Baby' with gorgeous soft sulphur yellow single flowers, bred with a much shorter stem length, making them perfect for pots and stockier all round. Their stunning fragrance though remains as good as ever. This variety wowed the crowds when just a few pots were shown last Summer at the Royal Bulbgrowers Show in Holland. Grow them in pots in a warm, sunny or lightly shaded location, they will provide late Summer colour and iconic fragrance for you, and can easily be kept over Winter year to year by drying back the bulbs in their pot, and keeping frost free during the Winter months. Try something new this season, and be amazed at their fragrance.

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