Exotic 'Flame Lily' (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant - pack of 3 tubers
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Exotic 'Flame Lily' (Gloriosa rothschildiana) plant - pack of 3 tubers
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It's easy to see how the spectacular 'Flame Lily' got it's name! Now you can create simply stunning displays in your garden with this exotic beauty. Fiery-red, yellow- streaked flowers will dance like flames in the evening breeze across the summer months, providing an eye-catching spectacle and a hint of wonderful fragrance as you sit on your patio. Gloriosa rothschildiana, as it is properly named, is the national flower of Zimbabwe, and is perfect for cutting and creating vivid cut flower displays too, which last several weeks. For best results, plant 3 in a 25-30cm pot, and start off in a warm spot, either on a heater or in an airing cupboard, and keep frost free till May. The corms will store for many weeks in a cool, dry spot if you need to. Place outside for the Summer, and when it warms up they will shoot and twine away - use a few canes or pea sticks for support. They will flower in August and September, and slowly die back underground. keep dry and frost free over Winter for bigger and better displays next year.

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